Zoë Burt / ARTIST IN RESIDENCE / 20 - 27 April 2011

26 March, 3 - 6 PM: CYANOTYPES WORKSHOP (open to all)

To bring awareness of it being climate change week, Zoë Burt will be hosting a FREE CYANOTYPE WORKSHOP FOR ALL at Studio at the Elephant! Help make a unique photogram in the shape of our planet – the beautiful blue marble. Envision a future garment, a shift dress or magic cloak!
What would be your unique contribution to our planet’s future?
Use found natural objects from local green spaces around the Elephant to create your own patterns/writings/drawings and contribute to this collected blueprint fashion statement…

Zoë Burt uses the cyanotype process, an early form of camera-less photography. Zoë paints light sensitive chemicals onto paper which is then exposed to light with a person or object on the surface. Where the sun or UV light falls a chemical reaction occurs and where there is an object/person the rays are blocked. The results are unusual and intriguing photographic images.


Zoë studied textiles at Central St. Martins graduating in 1993 and has created textile and fashion designs for clients in London, Paris, New York and Tokyo.
She tutors for The London College of Fashion at the University of the Arts and leads art projects for galleries, museums and schools, including The South London Botanical Institute, Dulwich Picture Gallery, Wandsworth Museum and Bankside Open Spaces Trust for Tate Modern.

Please see more on: www.zoeburt.com