The Art of Conversation over Goulash      
25 March, 7 PM
introduced by John Reed

We are inviting16 - 20 people to gather in the Studio at the Elephant.
The point of the evening is to bring together people who might not otherwise have met, for a meaningful discussion. We will serve goulash to sustain them while they talk.
The theme? Creating a Community of Difference
The demographic classification of SE1 is 'Bohemian Melting Pot' and it is unusual in the UK in terms of openmindedness and cultural / age / class diversity. However shyness, uncertainty and different lifestyles conspire against us actually enjoying each others differences – we often gravitate towards those most like ourselves, not from prejudice but just because that is what happens most naturally. We want this supper to be part of making it easier for us to share some of the astonishing wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom in our area.
If you would like to be part of this supper, or would like to nominate somebody who you think would enjoy it, please send an email to confirm:

The people at this first event do not need any special skills, education or status in society. It is not in any way a test or a trial. We are very interested in having as wide a range of people participate as possible. The only requirement is an open mind and being prepared to talk to a stranger.

For more please follow: