Kamala Katbamna / WORKSHOP / 5 April 2011

5 April , 2.30 - 4.30 PM: GROWING STORIES WORKSHOP (open to all)
Join artist, Kamala Katbamna, to plant seeds and swap tales of urban living.

Growing Stories' explores how we interact with different spaces – urban and green, private and public – through the act of planting. The project investigates our connections with the local area, our understanding of public space, and how the anonymity of the city may be pierced with personal, green interventions. Participants are invited to enter a space for conversation and exchange with artist Kamala Katbamna, and to swap their tales of urban living for a patch of green.


Kamala Katbamna is an artist, film-maker, and musician. A desire to unlock people's stories underscores her work. Alongside her own practice as an artist, Kamala works with community groups to create exciting, collaborative art. Kamala has ten years experience in the television industry creating films for the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery and Sky

Please see more on: http://www.flickr.com/photos/66184648@N00/sets/72157622349841097/